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    Chris Bassoo, CEO

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    Nigel Mayne, Director

    A seasoned franchise entrepreneur with 24 years of international franchising experience, having invested the first 18 years of his career in the development of a successful IT consulting company. In 1995, Nigel co-founded WSI, the world’s largest Internet marketing and consultancy franchise, with over 1700 franchisees in 87 countries. As President of WSI, Nigel capitalized on the emerging Internet economy. Under Nigel’s leadership, WSI developed a franchisee recruitment system that awarded up to 76 new franchises monthly making WSI the 4th fastest growing franchise system in history. Nominated by the Canadian government for the prestigious “exporter of the year award”, Nigel brought the WSI brand into 87 countries around the world. In 2006, Nigel founded MatchPoint, an international leader in the franchise brokerage and consultancy field. MatchPoint supports more than 100 Franchisor partners through a team of over 25 Franchise Consultants, operating across the United States, Canada, UK, Mexico as well as 6 others countries. Nigel’s has an unprecedented knack for recognizing new opportunities and then “making them happen”.

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    Jamal Gilbert, Developer

    Over the past ten years, Jamal has been involved in multiple private sector projects in various countries that has required experience with not only implementing various ICT solutions for clients, but as well as continued support that extends to this present day. This includes, and is not limited to: database management, project management, Microsoft Server implementation and management, enterprise security solutions across multiple locations, business development and analysis as well as networking and infrastructure set-up over a variety of platforms. He has no quarter leading a team or working by himself to solve any issues or problems in or out of the work environment and he also practices an involved, hands-on approach to coming up with solutions and putting them in place.

    Team member 4

    Stacy Khemrul, Administrator

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